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Sweet affirmations

I like affirmations just as much as the next life coach. Saying an affirmation is like being handed a fresh flower: instant pick-me-up. In fact, I believe that we naturally resonate with affirmations because they remind us of our true nature – love. But here’s the thing about affirmations: they are best when part of a complete spiritual diet.

Imagine that it’s your birthday and I invite you over for dinner.

Now imagine it’s time for your cake.

Now imagine I come back in and present you with a bowl full of frosting and a spoon.

That would be weird, right? You would be thinking; “this isn’t cake.” And friend, you’d be right.

Affirmations are super sweet, just like frosting, but they’re incomplete, just like frosting.* Cake is a lot more complicated. Cake starts out as a jumble of ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla. And then those incredibly different things must be mysteriously joined together into something wholly different. Eggs get broken and whipped. The butter and sugar get creamed. The liquid and dry ingredients get folded together to make batter. It’s a lot of work. Then the whole concoction goes in the oven – basically the fiery depths of hell. And you know what happens next. All the breaking and creaming and whipping and folding and beating creates magic. There is alchemy. Transformation! Cake!

So here’s the thing: on the path to wholeness, affirmations can be delightful. They taste great and instantly raise the blood sugar. However, for true, lasting transformation a breaking down and re-configuring must occur. It’s gotta get a little hot in there. But, the end result sure beats that uncooked goo that went into the oven.**

So, keep going. Do the hard stuff. Don’t flee the fire. You’re about to be delicious.

*If you are one of those people who would prefer a bowl of frosting and a spoon to a piece of cake then this metaphor may not be for you
**If you are one of those people who would rather eat cake batter than cake then this metaphor might not be for you either

Jenn Stuart

Jenn Stuart is a Certified Life Coach slash Interior Designer and mom of three. She runs Needs Must Coaching + Design, a coaching practice dedicated to helping women maximize their time, find their freedom, and expand their joy.

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