Needs Must



Too much on your plate? I’ve been there, too. I have the coaching tools and design solutions to help get things under control – whether you need one-time coaching or a whole life renovation.

Serenity Now!


60 minute audio call

The dishwasher’s broken, your coffee is cold and you’re due to pick up the kids in ten minutes. You want more time and freedom but don’t have the time or freedom to make it happen?

This option is for you. We’ll take stock of where you are right now and make a concrete plan with simple steps to create space for you in your life.

Take it Down to the Studs


6 x 60 minute audio call

You are really, really, ready. Like so ready. It is time to change your life. In 6 sessions we’ll dive deep into what’s not working and create the life you have been dreaming of. We’ll address the mental patterns that are holding you back, tap into your deeper wisdom, and chart a new course through life that is authentically yours. I’ll show you how to design your surroundings so that they support you rather than drain you You’ll uncover hidden pockets of time, energy and power that you can leverage to make big shifts.

The Coast is Clear


90 minute intake call, Custom Clutter Plan, 4 weeks of email coaching

Is clutter killing your joy and turning you into a scary mommy? This online coaching package will take you from clutter to clarity. Send in 10-15 images of the mess. We’ll do a 90-minute intake call to get to the bottom of the stuff. I’ll create a bespoke plan to guide you in your decluttering and we’ll have weekly email check-ins for support and accountability. By the end of the month you’ll have more clear, open space: both in your home and in your life.

In-Home Clutter-Busting

For Calgary Residents Only

In the flesh clutter-busting. We’ll work together targeting the trouble zones and smashing old patterns. At the end of the session I’ll even haul away your discards and make sure they’re disposed of properly. (within reason).