Needs Must


Needs must
necessity compels

Do you feel called to make a change? We’ve all heard that old adage: when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. The reality is, that’s easier said than done, especially if you’ve never made lemonade before. It involves a lot of squeezing and then finding the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. Change is hard. And scary! But, there’s something even worse than change: not heeding the call to change when it comes.

Needs Must refers to the moment when you can no longer continue on the way you’ve been going.  The old way isn’t working for you and you’re finally ready to take action. Maybe fate or circumstance is forcing you to level up, or maybe you are craving something new.

Needs must is about being a tiny bit fed up, a tiny bit desperate and a whole lot ready for something better.

I know the feeling because I’ve been there myself. Do you remember the exact date that you moved into your current home? I do. It was the day my second son was born. That’s right, I’ll never forget calling home between contractions to check on the movers.  When we arrived home with our new baby boy the house was in disarray – it took days to find a clean pair of pants!

And, to be honest, the rest of my life was overwhelming too. My husband traveled constantly for work. I was a newly minted mom of two boys and the sole owner of a design business that I had no time to run. I had too much on my plate. Clutter and disorganization compounded my stress.  In addition to the things in my home, I also had a storage locker full of neglected furniture and decor from my home staging business, plus boxes of things from my childhood at my parents’ house. I was beyond overwhelmed.

After floundering for months, I finally began to find my way through. I got to work looking for answers and found solutions. I addressed my clutter by simplifying my house – letting go of thousands of items over the course of a few years. I opted out of commitments whenever possible. I examined expectations: both my own and other people’s and determined what really mattered to me. I worked on my old patterns and began to replace them with good habits.

I wanted to find my own way through work and motherhood without working any harder than I was already. This desire led me to life coaching; first as a way to help myself then as a way to help others.

As a designer, I have worked with many moms who were overwhelmed with stuff, commitments, and expectations. And, while a new kitchen or bathroom is amazing, it doesn’t take long for the novelty to wear off and for the clutter to find its way back into the new space.

That is why I am delighted to have the tools to help you access the root cause of your overwhelm and make powerful, irrevocable shifts that can truly alter the course of your life.

I am all about finding ways to live smarter, rather than work harder. You work hard enough.

You have something unique and special to offer yourself, your family and the world.

Let’s find your magic and make space for you to shine.

Jenn Stuart